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49ers vs. Saints: Backups Now Playing, San Fran's Offense Held Scoreless

The New Orleans Saints have a 10-0 lead over the San Francisco 49ers as play continues in the first preseason game of the year. 

Alex Smith was not sharp and ended up going 2-for-7 for just ten yards. He was sacked twice and the Saints defensive line was getting pressure on the quarterback at will. Colin Kaepernick is now in the game has completed one of two passes for 20 yards. He has also been sacked twice now and fumbled, though San Francisco was able to recover the ball.

The Saints first touchdown came on a 78-yard punt return that Joseph Morgan took to the end zone. The San Francisco defense -- well, the first unit anyway -- has played well tonight, allowing just 113 total yards of offense in nearly two quarters of play.

Expect to see even more of the second and third-string players to take the field in the second half. It will give a good chance for Coach Harbaugh to evaluate some of his younger players fighting for playing time.