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2011 NFL Preseason, Raiders vs. Cardinals: Injury Plagued Wide Receiver Chaz Schilens Injured Again

There was some upsetting, but not surprising news to come out this morning in regards to the Oakland Raiders first preseason game of 2011. Perennially injured wide receiver Chaz Schilens is injured again. There do not appear to be many details about the injury which is not surprising considering the Raiders’ tendency to keep such things underwraps. However, Bill Williamson of ESPN reported that Schilens suffered a knee injury in the game last night.

Schilens was a seventh round draft pick out of San Diego State in 2008 who almost immediately impressed the Raiders and their fans. Schilens runs good routes, has good hands and is the one wide receiver on the Raiders who fits the mold of a possession type receiver as opposed to a speedy, stretch the field type of receiver.

After back to back injury riddled seasons, the Raiders were hopeful that Schilens would finally be healthy enough to become a serious contributor this season. If this injury is a serious one that leads to significant time being lost this season, it is unfortunate, but Schilens may need to start considering a different career path.

Hopefully this was nothing more than a tweak or slight sprain, but no matter what, it is an unsettling turn of events.