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Cal Football Injury Update: Fullback Eric Stevens Tears ACL, Out For Season

Cal fullback Eric Stevens was not an overwhelming part of the Golden Bear rush attack last year, but he was effective in spots and proved to be a hard worker whenever he led blocked for Shane Vereen and Isi Sofele.

So it's a pretty deep blow when Stevens goes down, as he did Wednesday night during practice when he planted his leg in an awkward angle, went down to the ground, and had to be assisted from the field. Turns out he went down because his ACL got torn up. Stevens is out for the season, and leaves Cal with a big hole in a position of need. The Bears have run a lot of their power plays out of I-formation, and might have to think more about aces and shotgun plays to get things going.

Will Kapp takes over as starting fullback, with John Tyndall and Nico Dumont potentially factoring in as well. Stevens has one year of eligibility left and also has a redshirt; Cal will try and make a medical appear for a sixth year.

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