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Oakland Raiders Training Camp 2011: How Many Reps Will The Starters Get?

In a normal year, being that this is game one of the Pre-Season, I would expect for the starters to play the first one or two possessions before giving way to the young players and veterans that are trying to stick with the team.

The 2011 Pre-Season is not quite an ordinary season. With only a dozen practices under their belts, it would make sense for the starters to either NOT play at all or play the first half.

Interestingly enough, the Raiders are a team that is 95% the same in the starters category, while Arizona will be breaking a new quarterback into the offense.

If the Cardinals leave their starters in against some of the unproven Raider defenders that would give the Raiders brass a chance to see how the 500 young corners competing for three spots look against a first team instead of against the goon squad that they usually try to impress the boss against.

Either way, I expect this pre-season to be quite different than in years past.