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Bay Area TV Schedule: Raiders-Cardinals Kick Off NFL Preseason

It's finally here folks, some actual, factual NFL football is about to be live on a television near you. Tonight, the Oakland Raiders take on the Arizona Cardinals, but the first sentence doesn't necessarily apply to the Silver & Black. Football will be on a TV near you, that's for certain ... but if you happen to be near Oakland, then you're going to be screwed if you planned on watching Hue Jackson's team: it's blacked out.

You'll have to wait a couple hours to watch it, seeing as the Raiders haven't sold enough tickets to get said blackout lifted. There's other ways, but that's up to you to find out. Blackout laws are really weird and really dumb, to say the least. It makes no sense, nobody is going to up and buy a ticket simply because they can't watch it on TV. They'll listen to the radio or go to a buddy's house. If you learned of the blackout and decided to buy a ticket, I'd love to hear it. That would be amazingly hilarious.

Arizona Cardinals @ Oakland Raiders NFL Preseason Football | 7:00 p.m. pacific | KCQA/KCRA/NBC

Oakland Athletics @ Toronto Blue Jays MLB | 9:37 a.m. pacific | CSN California