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Bryan Stow Assault Case: Suspects Plead Not Guilty

The Byron Stow case is spinning into motion. The two suspects in his beating are 29 year old Louie Sanchez and 30 year old Marvin Norwood.

Both Sanchez and Norwood appeared before a judge in a Los Angeles courtroom and pleased not guilty to charges of mayhem, assault, battery, and other counts. Both Sanchez and Norwood are being held until they can submit $500,000 bail for their September 30th hearing.

Sanchez is currently considered the primary aggressor and supposedly targeted other fans in the aftermath of the Dodgers-Giants opening game according to early court documents released in an earlier hearing on July 31st. Up to four assaults are allegedly documented. Defense attorneys disagree on the number of people who actually witnessed Sanchez in the attack.

The case has been further complicated by the death of a key witness, Stow's friend Matthew Lee, who died due to an allergic reaction.

Stow is still hospitalized.