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Jim Harbaugh Talks Receivers, Injuries with Murph & Mac on KNBR

With training camp in full wing and the San Francisco 49ers first preseason games just days away head coach Jim Harbaugh went on KNBR's Murph & Mac show to talk about his reciving core, some injury issues and how he wants to re-incorporate the passing game in San Francisco. 

Harbaugh spoke about how he feels the WR's get "bored" when they get "two or three balls thrown to them in a game," and wants to mix in about 65-70 plays a game with his receiving core. The Niners haven't had much of a big time target since Terrell Owens up and left town, but Harbaugh feels that his WR's are having a great training camp so far, especially Ted Ginn. 

Coach Harbaugh would move to the most talked about topic concerning the receivers this preseason, the addition of Braylon Edwards to the team. He admitted that Edwards has " a little something right now that's slowing him down, but he's practicing every day" and would not divulge the nature of his injury. With Michael Crabtree still in a walking boot with his bum foot, Edwards becomes the spotlight receiver on the team as of now, though he has been doing most of his work with the second-team offense thus far. 

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