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PHOTO: Marshawn Lynch Eye Black: Will The NFL Stand For It?

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks (and formerly of Oakland Tech and the California Golden Bears) is one colorful character. So it makes sense that he'd eventually sign up with a sponsor that fully embraces his inner character. Unfortunately, it's not likely it'll stick. The NFL is a stickler for such sponsorship and they could "enhance their uniform policy", so I wouldn't expect it to be around too long. Enjoy it while you can!

After the jump, the photo of the eye black (or you can click here to view it), and a history of incidents that threaten the fabric of civilization.

So if you think Lynch will be allowed to keep this.



It might be an uphill battle. The NFL wants its players to conform, and unless Lynch is prepared to pay fines, he might have to give this one up.