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VIDEO: Alex Morgan Scores Goals, Kobe Bryant Breaks Ankles At Celebrity Soccer Challenge

Not often that you'll hear one of the world's most popular women's soccer players partnering up with one of the world's most popular basketball players, but this is what happened in Washington D.C. last Sunday afternoon. Kobe Bryant and Alex Morgan were both main attractions and probably the biggest draws for the event, and they strutted their stuff. Bryant has always been a big soccer fan, and Morgan has always been really good at soccer, so it's not a huge surprise they'd be involved in helping raise money for a good cause (in this case, money for the Children's National Medical Center).

After the jump, the videos.

Kobe, you've done this enough to guys like Andrei Kirilenko, Vince Carter, Latrell Sprewell, Bruce Bowen. Was it really necessary to do this to pasty white journalist?

(via AirealApparel)

As for Alex, it's getting to the point where she's going to have start knocking in bicycle kicks every chance she gets, because she's already made every other type of goal.

(via AirealApparel)

Full highlight reel below.

(via AirealApparel)