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Cal Football Officially Connected Via Invoices To Willie Lyles Scouting Service

The big news out of the Pac-12 the last few months has been Oregon football's connection to Willie Lyles and his company Complete Scouting Services. The Ducks and head coach Chip Kelly find themselves in all sorts of hot water with the NCAA as connections are being made between payment to Willie Lyles and recruits committing to Oregon. The investigation is only just beginning so it remains to be seen what has been proven. However, many in the media see Kelly losing credibility by the day with this scandal.

This scandal has now reached into the Bay Area, albeit in a more limited manner. Cal football has officially been connected with Willie Lyles due to some invoices discovered by The Oregonian in a public records request. On its face this would seem a little questionable, but in reality the odds are high that it won't lead to an investigation in the vein of what faces Oregon. The Golden Bears actually purchased a similar package to that of Oregon but paid significantly less. While Oregon paid $25,000 for their package, Cal paid $5,000.

The implication in all this is that Oregon paid more as a way of securing recruits they might not otherwise have gotten. For now, Cal has not received inquiries from the NCAA about their dealings with Lyles. More than likely nothing will come of this for Cal, but if that changes SB Nation Bay Area and California Golden Blogs will have updates.