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Warriors Still Making Big Moves In Spite Of Lockout

The lockout hasn’t slowed the Warriors down one bit. If you thought Lacob’s purchase of the Dakota Wizards was big, Joe Lacob made what might have been the biggest move of … this week! Introducing Marty Glick, Chief Financial Operator.


So who is Glick and why is this intriguing? For one, this guy worked with Lacob on a variety of companies and he clearly knows how to make and manage money. But more importantly he’s got a great intellectual pedigree, obtaining his MBA from Northwestern University and his BSBA in accounting from Creighton University.


Creighton University? The last time the Warriors had someone from Creighton on their squad was the 2009-2010 season with alum Anthony Tolliver (now of the Minnesota Timberwolves). Think Tolliver had anything to do with this hiring, perhaps writing a letter of recommendation? If so, the Lacob era is officially the era of hoops and intellectual legacies.