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The Official Alex Morgan Song: Knockoff Of "You're Beautiful" By James Blunt

Alex Morgan fans have begun to appear left and right. Tampa Rays star Evan Longoria has confessed her appreciation for the soccer star soon after the World Cup, and the marriage proposals keep on racking themselves up despite the presence of a boyfriend.

Nothing might be sweeter than the contributions of a sophomore from the University of Houston named Russell. Russell likes to play on the guitar and do plenty of covers of top hits, and seems to lean toward singing love ballads.

His best little bit might have been a tribute to Morgan. It's hard to go wrong with a James Blunt tune, isn't it?

Should this be considered the official Alex Morgan song?


You might be wondering why we'd post a random fan response? Well, Alex Morgan liked it so much, she retweeted it on Twitter! Goes to show that Morgan is very supportive of her passionate fans, even if that passion is probably going unrequited. Hopefully that'll continue to help grow her fanbase and support for professional women's soccer.

And perhaps the retweet will inspire Russell to get us a longer and more official version very soon.

You can check out more of Russell's tunes at his YouTube account, rssll5.