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Steve Williams Plans Book With Interesting Chapter On Tiger Woods

Stanford Cardinal alum Tiger Woods continues to flow with the hurricane of change, and now he may have to brace himself for some huge revelations from his caddy Steve Williams. Williams told the New York Post that he'd be writing a book once he was done with his career of holding the clubs of millionaires, and that the chapter on Tiger Woods would be one of the more interesting to read.

Of course, often these things are colossal letdowns. It could just mean that Williams has a lot of fine camera-smashing stories he has to tell.

There is only one potentially damaging revelation that could come out of all of this (P-E-D?), and it's hard to imagine Woods wouldn't have be silly enough to let Williams write a book if he didn't have anything to hide. If anything, Woods not coming to some settlement with Williams not to write anything might mean the caddy had nothing to do with his personal life or that the golfer did not take any performance enhancing drugs.

On the other hand, it was hard to imagine Woods would be stupid enough not to do the same thing with his many consorts...

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