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VIDEO: Alex Morgan & Hope Solo Interviews At ESPN, Deny Claims Of Choking

Hey look, it's the dream of every male sports fan. Alex Morgan and Hope Solo right together on the same stage.

The US Women's Soccer team is back in the States, and their huge media blitz started today when they hit the morning shows (Good Morning America, the Today Show, maybe that other show--How I Met Your Mother?), and then the two budding stars took on the road to Bristol.

Solo quickly showcased her assertive self in the interview on ESPN First Take, and Morgan echoed her goalie's sentiments.

(via villalonso7)

Solo quickly countered the idea that the United States Women's National Team choked away victory against Japan, despite having two one-goal leads near the end of the second half and extra time. She talked about how difficult it was to win TWO dramatic games in penalty kicks (Brazil being the other game), and that the US played their best game of the tournament in the final, but just didn't come out on top. Morgan agreed, adding the important point that the US drew in possession with one of the best possession-oriented teams in the Nadeshiko.

And of course, it'd be hard to imagine a lot of people thinking that these two stars had anything to do with the US defeat on Sunday.

Also, here's a cute clip of Solo forgetting which ESPN show she's about to appear on.

Hope Solo & Alex Morgan SportsNation Intro FAIL (via SportsNationESPN)