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San Francisco Giants To Make World Championship Visit to White House

August is right around the corner, but the San Francisco Giants still have one thing left to do before they can fully put their 2010 championship season in their rear view mirror; a visit to see the White House and President Barack Obama.  

The Giants will make their stop in our Nation's capital on Monday July 25, making a short detour before they take on the Phillies for a three game set in the city of brotherly love. The team will make it's honorary tour of the White House, have a meet and greet with President Obama, and give the customary championship jersey to the 44th President of the United States. 

The players are especially excited to make the trip, but also know what the trip means to their 2011 season. This is the last nostalgic ceremony of their championship season, and afterward can get back to the task at hand of defending their title. Here's what Cody Ross had to say about it:

"Almost as soon as the last out of the World Series was made, the thought crossed my mind, `Wow, we get to go to the White House, shake the president's hand and present him with a jersey,' " said outfielder Cody Ross. "It's been a long time coming and I think everybody's excited. It's the last thing we have to do to finally seal the 2010 season."    

Emmanuel Burriss, a Washington D.C. native, knows how much it means to actually meet President Obama:

"I went there as a kid and I went there with some teammates back in 2009," Burriss said. "But it's different this time because the President will be there and we get to meet him."    

Skipper Bruce Bochy was asked about what closer Brian Wilson might wear to the White House, possibly the spandex tuxedo he donned at the ESPY Awards:

"He may have to break it out. But I don't know if they'll let him in wearing that."    

Neither do I.