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NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings Await Schedule In Spite Of NBA Lockout

The NBA has announced it will release the 2011-2012 basketball schedule Tuesday July 18 at 11:00am pacific on NBATV. Although the NBA is in the midst of a lockout that many fear will not be ending any time soon, the league will actually be releasing the schedule three weeks earlier than last season. NBA fans can potentially take some solace in the fact that the NFL released their schedule amidst great hostility and suddenly things are turning around for them.

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings will both look to build on struggles last season. Both teams finished in the lottery but still managed to get one national television several times. The Warriors were on national television seven times, while the Kings made three national television appearances.

Both teams bring an exciting brand of basketball, even if they do struggle to get victories. The Warriors will get additional national coverage with the hiring of Mark Jackson. The former ESPN announcer has a strong following and it wouldn't be surprising to see a host of ESPN games for the Warriors. The Kings could also find themselves prominently featured on national television. While the Kings are expected to struggle on defense in the coming season, the addition of Jimmer Fredette adds to an already exciting offensive unit that could be very television friendly.

We'll be here with a rundown of both teams' 2011-12 NBA schedules with a breakdown of nationally televised games and any interesting schedule quirks. For more on the Warriors head over to Golden State of Mind. For more on the Kings, check out Sactown Royalty.