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Jeremy Lin Knee Injury Keeps Him Out Of FIBA Asia Championships

Jeremy Lin's decision on whether to pursue basketball opportunities overseas just got easier. Both China Taipei and China have jocked Jeremy Lin to play for their national teams and Lin has been non-committal about his intentions to stay in the U.S. But apparently, according to FIBA Asia, Jeremy Lin is no longer in China Taipei's summer plans as Lin has been advised by the Warriors medical team to rehab his knee this summer.


Knee injury? When did this happen and how? Running youth summer leagues? Talking at churches? Prepping for promotional Nike Asia tours? In the midst of the NBA Lockout, teams are worried about losing their best investment to a career threatening injury or any injury at all. Whether or not Lin has an injury, it is strange that the Warriors are against their third stringer, with a non-guaranteed contract, against playing overseas. Perhaps this just means Jeremy Lin will be a bigger part of the Warriors future.