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Alex Morgan Has A Boyfriend: Servando Carrasco, Seattle Sounders Soccer Player & Fellow Cal Alum

Cal alum and US Women's National Team rising star Alex Morgan has become a popular icon among the young American generation, and her performance in the 2011 World Cup Final against Japan will only elevate her status among the promising young American athletic landscape. And of course, her distinctive beauty has made her the target of many marriage proposals, which have to number in the hundreds (you can view many of them on her Facebook page).

Unfortunately, she's taken. All Alex Morgan fanboys will soon be writhing in envy at this dude. Grant Wahl tweeted the news, and it quickly spread like wildfire to break hundreds of hearts.

Meet Servando Corrasco of Seattle Sounders FC. Carrasco grew up in Tijuana before moving to San Diego, where he played for one of the most competitive soccer clubs in all of California. Carrasco then attended the University of California to play men's soccer on scholarship, where he likely met Morgan for the first time. According to Carrasco, the two have been dating for three-and-a-half years, comprising almost the majority of Morgan's time as a Bear (Carrasco graduated in 2010, Morgan the following year). This is probably as solid as it gets.

So sorry young romantics (and occasional creepers). If you want to earn Morgan's undying affection, you'll have to charm your way past her current affection.