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Women's World Cup 2011 Final VIDEO: Alex Morgan Show Ruined By USWNT Defense

Alex Morgan brought it in the 2011 Women's World Cup Final for the United States against Japan. After her insertion in the second half for the injured Lauren Cheney, Morgan took over. She received a beautiful pass from Megan Rapinoe from the backfield, then took the ball between two Japanese defenders and drilled it into the corner of the net to give the United States a 1-0 lead. The youngest member of the US Women's National Team. Video after the jump.

Alex Morgan Scores, Fat Kid Flashes Camera - 2011 World Cup Final (via nbafufu)

Sadly, it wasn't enough. Poor USA defense and an inability to clear the ball out of the goalie box led to a Japan goal to tie it up with only minutes remaining in the second half. So Morgan had to go back to work again. Using her speed, Morgan was able to control the ball on the baseline and setup Abby Wambach for a monster header to give the USA a 2-1 lead late in the first overtime period.

Abby Wambach Header Goal - 2011 World Cup (via nbafufu)

But again, the US defense couldn't hold, giving up a corner opportunity that Japan capitalized on. Japan won in PKs.

I'm sad now.

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