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Former 49ers Returner Otis Amey Signs With UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions

Former San Francisco 49ers return man Otis Amey will be back in the Bay Area in 2011 as he signed a contract for a second season with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL. Amey is remembered by 49ers fan for his punt return touchdown on the first play of his first NFL game. Head past the jump to view some video of Amey running back the punt 75 yards for a touchdown.

The 2011 UFL season is scheduled to kick off on Saturday August 13 when Hartford and Virginia meet in Virginia Beach. The Mountain Lions make their season debut the next day when they host Omaha. The UFL bumped up their 2011 season opener partially in response to the NFL lockout potentially delaying the start of football. The 2010 season began September 17. It will be interesting to see what the UFL does with their schedule if the NFL resolves its lockout in the coming weeks. Undrafted rookies are likely more inclined to try their hand in NFL training camp in August rather than in the UFL with no chance of making an NFL roster at that point.