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VIDEO: Watch Cal Baseball Complete & Celebrate Epic Comeback vs. Baylor

For those of you who missed it, Cal baseball looked down and out for the 2010-11 season. But they weren't done. They've never given up. And on Monday night, they might have started the drive to a very special run with a victory to top all victories--a four run comeback in the ninth inning down three to send the Bears on to the Super Regional against Dallas Baptist.

Danny Fry of KALX 90.7 (Cal baseball radio) also happened to provide one amazing closing call. In fact, if you closed your eyes and didn't recognize it was a baseball game, it might've sounded an awful lot like Joe Starkey calling the Play! Video after the jump of Devin Rodriguez's two strike, two out game-winning RBI walkoff hit.


For a better recap of the game and the amazingness that preceded this incredible run by the Bears, check out a recap from norcalnick of the California Golden Blogs.