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E3 2011 Schedule: EA To Hold Press Conference Today, Madden NFL 12 and More

The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has begun! Now, we aren't a video game site by any stretch of the imagination, but there is one company in particular we find ourselves particularly interested in: Electronic Arts (EA) and namely, their EA Sports division. Well, we didn't have to wait long to get our fix of sports video game news, as the third-party publishing giant is having their press conference on the first day of action (can we call it "action"?). Make the jump to find out what to expect.

Of course, you can expect things like news on Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more, but at some point during the hour-long conference, we'll get delicious bits of news regarding all of the popular sports titles, including Madden NFL 12. I am personally a huge Madden fan, ridiculously devoted to throwing my hard-earned money at the games, really regardless of what they say beforehand. I will say though, that I am legitimately excited about some of the things they've been announcing recently.

Things like the expanded rosters in franchise or the improved rating system really get me excited. The best part of Madden at E3 though ... actually being able to see the engine in real time, to see if the things they say regarding tackling animations and collision systems are, you know, true. Gameplay impressions from early builds literally sustain me while I wait to attend the midnight release each and every year.

There will be plenty of other news regarding sports titles, like NCAA Football 12, NHL 12, FIFA Soccer 12, EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge and more. The NCAA title is going through a ton of changes much like the Madden series, and after an impressive showing with NHL 11, more information on NHL 12 has me, well, salivating. And also being slightly depressed again because it's reminding me of the Sharks.

The conference begins at 12:30 pacific and will run for one hour. There will be a recap of what might interest you here at SB Nation Bay Area, and there's plenty of coverage for the rest of those games (you know, the non-sport and therefore non-important) on the 'net and on your TV sets.