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Rugby Sevens Results, 2011 College Championships: Utah Eliminates Cal

Well, Utah stopped Cal last season. It makes perfect sense that the Bears ended up falling to the Utes against this season.

Utah stifled Cal even more convincingly than in last year’s title game, not allowing them a point until they were well ahead. After Utah took the opening kickoff and held the ball for 1:30, Don Pati managed to plunge it in and give the Utes an early 7-0 lead. Utah than got a try from Tonata Lauti to push the lead to 14-0 at halftime. Pati put it away early in the second half with his second try of the game to push it to 21-0. James McTurk prevented a Cal shutout with a late try that gave the Bears their only points, as they fell 21-5.

The Cal rugby program might be the best when it comes to the true international sport, but they seem to be a step behind when it comes to this faster-paced Olympic event. Utah moved on to face Army, but fell in the semifinal in a mild upset.

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