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Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal: Greatest Tennis Player Ever Debate Revived

Everytime Roger Federer comes to Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal stands in his way. Federer has often played at his absolute best against Nadal, but he has had absolutely no answer for that nasty forehand, particularly as he’s aged. Nadal improved his record to 5-0 against Federer at Roland Garros.

Federer still has the most Grand Slams of any major tennis player at 16, but Nadal is catching up with 10. Although people have stated Federer is the more complete player who can compete on any surface, Nadal has the Career Grand Slam himself and has beaten Federer on both hardcourt and grass surfaces in Grand Slam Finals (2008 Wimbledon, 2009 Australian Open). He’s 17-8 overall and 6-5 in non-clay matchups, meaning the day may came when Nadal is considered Federer’s equal in stature on the court. More importantly, in Grand Slam Finals, Nadal is 6-2 (although notably 4-0 on clay surfaces).

Additionally, Nadal is in the middle of his prime—at 25, he should have a great shot at unseating Federer’s mark of 16 Grand Slam titles. Federer’s time is already past—at 29, he’s entering the late stages of his career, where his opportunities are dwindling. Unlike silly debates like MJ-Kobe or Montana-Brady, Federer-Nadal could be one of those “best ever” debates with absolute substance to it.

Who do you think is the greater tennis player, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?