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Brian Sabean Rips Scott Cousins on KNBR With Razor and Mr T, Talks Possible Rule Changes

It's been a few days now since San Francisco Giants catcher and reigning rookie of the Year Buster Posey was taken out at the plate by the Florida Marlins Scott Cousins, and apparently GM Brian Sabean is still a bit hot under the collar about it. Sabean was on the Razor and Mr T. show on KNBR Thursday afternoon, and had a few choice words for the USF alumni, as well as his take on the possible rules changes for plays at the plate in Major League Baseball. Make the jump to find out all the juicy details. 

Sabean made sure to preface his statements with the fact he has nothing against Scott Cousins, but went on to state that Cousins had 'premeditated' his decision to blow up Buster at the plate no matter what, even if he wasn't actually blocking the plate (which he wasn't) or have the ball in his possession (which he didn't). The Giants GM also pointed out the skipper Bruce Bochy had told Buster in spring training not to block the plate (which he hadn't), and if Cousins hit wasn't 'malicious' it was most definitely 'unnecessary.'

Sabean went on to talk about possible rule changes stemming from the incident, noting that high school and college players aren't allowed to barrel over opposing catchers and aren't taught to do so. Once players hit the big leagues they basically are given 'free reign' to do all the things they weren't allowed to do before (like demolish catchers at the plate), which doesn't seem to make too much sense. He also brought up the fact the umpires would likely be who decides if a play at the plate was intended to cause harm or not, which brings up the question of how can you judge a person's intent? Sabean quickly pointed out the fact the umps can throw out pitchers if they feel they are hitting batters on purpose, or if a baserunner intentionally takes out a an infielder at a base intending to do harm. Whats the big difference? 

Cousins might have been very remorseful about the whole situation, but Sabean mentioned how Buster had no intention of trying to contact Cousins or have any dialogue with him about it, which Sabean seemed to enjoy. "Why not be hard nosed about it?" was Sabean's response, noting that Buster will likely have to move from his current residence due to the physical inconvenience of stairs and location of his place. Buster is still going through immense physical and undoubtedly mental anguish according to Sabean, and no one knows what he's going through but Buster himself. 

So how do you really feel about it all Brian? Here's his verbatim quote about Scott Cousins:

If I never hear from Cousins again or never plays another day in the big leagues I think we'd all be happy.

Whoa. Obviously someone hasn't turned the page yet. 

Personally I like to see the GM show some fire, and I agree that Cousins had the idea set in his mind that he was going to try and steam roll Posey, but it was a heat of the moment situation and it's a part of the game. Cousins seems like a guy who hasn't a malicious bone in his body, but I'd be mad too if my franchise's up and coming super star was lost for a whole season due to a bonehead play. But as Kurtis Blow once told me, that's the breaks.