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French Open 2011, Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer: NBC Adds Live Online Stream Option

In recent year's there had been concerns from many tennis fans about being forced to watch a tape delayed version of the men's semifinal action in the 2011 French Open. Given the time zone differences, the airing of the Today Show on Friday has caused gridlock with one of the the men's semifinal matches. This year that matchup is Novak Djokovic versus Roger Federer which qualifies as the best potential men's match today (pending a potential Djokovic-Nadal final).

Thankfully there will be streaming options available. It's not an optimal solution, but getting to watch the semifinals live in some format is better than any form of tape delay. On Friday, if you're looking to watch Djokovic-Federer, head over to to view their live online stream.

As it currently stands, Tennis Channel will broadcast the first semifinal between defending champion Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, beginning at 5am pacific time. The network will be airing the match on NBC at 11am in all time zones. One interesting note is that if Nadal-Murray ends quickly and Djokovic-Federer gets going before 11am, NBC still won't pick it up on the East Coast until 11am eastern time, meaning even East coast tennis fans will have to watch at least a small portion of the match online or on the Tennis Channel. We'll see how that one plays out.