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2011 College World Series Team Preview: North Carolina Tar Heels

Vanderbilt might mash the bat, but their opponents, the North Carolina Tar Heels, will try to do their best to beat them up by small balling them to oblivion. Their eight regular starters have racked up 20 to 50 walks apiece.  Not one of UNC's regulars have hit over a .335 batting average, but all their walks have contributed to the success of North Carolina and their venturing to the 2011 College World Series.

UNC has two solid pitchers in Patrick Johnson (2.27 ERA, 120 strikeouts) and Kent Emanuel (8-1, 84 strikeouts) and fairly decent bullpen depth. Nothing great, nothing outstanding, just a solid, quiet squad that will make their case for the crown in unspectacular fashion.

It's likely the Tar Heels will be underdogs in their regional compared to the powerhouses like Texas, Florida and the madness of Vanderbilt, but they do have a solid (if unspectacular) squad that could very well win it all if you sleep on them.

How do you think North Carolina will fare against Vanderbilt? Will they win it all? If not, how far will they go? Let us know in the comments!

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