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Super Six World Boxing Classic Final: Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch Tentatively Set For October 29, 2011

Coming off Carl Froch's majority decision victory over Glen Johnson and Andre Ward's unanimous decision victory over Arthur Abraham, the final match of the Super Six Super Middle Weight World Boxing Classic is set. And now we have a tentative date for the fight. The Sun is reporting that Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch is being targeted for October 29 in either Las Vegas or New York. Carl Froch spoke with The Sun and indicated he's pushing hard for Las Vegas:

"It's the boxing capital of the world and to see my name in lights along the Strip would be awesome. All boxers dream of fighting there and I'm no exception. I'm hopeful a deal can be done."

Andre Ward has opened as a fairly heavy favorite in this fight in part because of how thoroughly he has dominated his three Super Six opponents. It's reached the point where he's lost very few rounds, if any, thus far. As BLH said above, the early buzz is for a Ward domination.

The question in regards to location will be how well the two can draw, whether it be in Las Vegas or New York. The two fighters have increased their name recognition with their performances thus far, but they're still not at the level of the Manny Pacquiao's, Bernard Hopkins', or even Wladimir Klitschko's of the world. Even in Oakland Andre Ward struggled to sell his fight and he's a native of the East Bay. Bringing a European fighter and a less than stellar selling California fighter could make for a tough draw.

We'll be here over the course of the next four months as we get ready to crown the Super Six champion. While this won't quite crown the king of the super middleweight division (Lucian Bute has something to say about that), it will put the division in a position to crown a true champion not too long after. I'd have to imagine the winner of Ward-Froch will face Bute in either their next fight, or one not too long after that. Either way we're well on our way to crowing the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world, and hopefully it's East Bay-native Andre Ward.