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J.J. Barea Gets "Hella Screens Set For Him"

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings are still a ways from getting to the NBA Playoffs, but never to fear fans, Jose Barea is here! He was happy to rep Northern California in his postgame interview with his usage of the beloved Norcal term "hella" in his interview with Cheryl Miller

Only one weird thing. J.J. isn't from the Bay Area. He's from Puerto Rico. Where exactly did he learn this I-80 lingo?

Video after the jump.

(via nbafufu)

Barea was born in Puerto Rico, played college in Northeastern (which is, oh, about 3000 miles away from the Bay Area), then was called up from Summer League to the Dallas Mavericks. Four years later, he's taking out the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the fourth quarter.

Nevertheless, thanks for the shout-out Jose, regardless of whether it's real or unintentional.

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(*) Barea did play on the Golden State Warriors Summer League team, but that team was in Vegas, and I don't think any of the Warriors players are from NorCal proper.