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2011 NBA Playoffs Video: Dirk Nowitzki Filthy One-Legged And-1 Shot Helps Mavs Sink Lakers

Dirk Nowitzki is soft. Never forget this NBA fans.  Never forget this despite the innumerable 20+ point playoff performances, the incredible clutch shots he makes, the work he puts into making his incredible one-legged fadeaways.

Yes people, he practices shots like this. As good an NBA player as he is, what is Pau Gasol supposed to do with THAT?

(via nbafufu)

Nowitzki finished with a modest 24 points, but also only needed 16 shots to get that, and also pulled down seven rebounds. And if you watch his nine field goal makes, you can only hope that gravity forces that shot down a few inches short or beyond the rim. Wild shots for everyone else equals normal shots for Dirk.

But yeah, soft. Keep on saying that. One of these days, it might even be true.

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