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NCAA Women's Softball Super Regional 2011 TV Schedule: Cal-Kentucky Available Via ESPN, Live Online Stream

The 2011 NCAA women's softball tournament continues its super regionals round on Saturday as the Kentucky Wildcats host the California Golden Bears. The tournament is telecast just about exclusively by ESPN, which means there are multiple options for viewing the tournament. Cal's best-of-three series will be featured on ESPNU, ESPN, and as a free, legal live online stream.

The super regional matchup kicks off on Saturday morning at 9:00am pacific on ESPNU. The channel is a little funky in terms of what cable packages get it. However, if you don't get ESPNU, head over to to view the game there. requires your cable provider allow for it, but I've only known one person who couldn't get into and he had some seriously funky cable.

The second game of the series is scheduled for 10:00am pacific Sunday morning on ESPN. Since most of the free world gets ESPN you'll likely be able to watch it there. If you will be away from a TV, head over to The third if necessary game is tentatively scheduled for 12:30pm pacific on ESPN.

We'll be here through the weekend with coverage of Cal's battle with the Kentucky Wildcats. Make sure and check our 2011 NCAA women's softball tournament story stream for continued coverage of Cal. Also, California Golden Blogs will have open threads Saturday and Sunday for discussion of the games.