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Bryan Stow Dodger Stadium Assault: Suspect Giovanni Ramirez Claims To Have Alibi

On MLB's Opening Day, Giants fan Bryan Stow was assaulted in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, which resulted in his being placed in a medically-induced coma. He has since opened his eyes, but he remains in critical condition as doctors continue to assess his condition.

In the weeks following the attack, police struggled to get any sort of leads on the case and the assailants remained at large. On May 22, the case finally received a break as one of the two suspects was arrested. Giovanni Ramirez was arrested following a tip by his parole agent who recognized him from a sketch artist's drawing. LAPD's SWAT team descended on Ramirez's East Hollywood apartment and took him into custody.

Since being arrested, Ramirez has claimed he has an alibi for Opening Day and has three witnesses who can vouch that he was at home that day. Ramirez's attorney has now released information as to Ramirez's alibi. According to TMZ, Ramirez claims he was babysitting his young daughter and another child at the time of the assault. Ramirez claims three witnesses saw him at his apartment before they left for the Dodgers-Giants game.

Among the three witnesses is his ex-girlfriend, who he says left him at the apartment to attend the game with two friends (the other two alibi witnesses). One problem with the ex-girlfriend's credibility is that she is suspected of being the getaway driver.

Ramirez also released photos taken at a park next to stadium that include the ex-girlfriend and other friends before the game. According to Ramirez, he was close with his ex-girlfriend and would have been in the pictures had he been attending the game. While the babysitting aspect of the alibi could potentially hold up in court, this picture defense might go down as the worst alibi attempt in the history of criminal defense.

Check back in the coming weeks as we provide updates on the LAPD's attempts to bring Bryan Stow's assailants to justice.