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If Warriors Need Meat Up Front, Jordan Williams May Be There Guy

The Golden State Warriors are a terrible rebounding team and it is probably because they have the least intimidating frontline of the NBA and WNBA. Former starting center Andris Biedrins has had confidence issues and starting power forward David Lee can't stop second stringers from overpowering him physically.  The Warriors are looking for some meat up front and University of Maryland's PF Jordan Williams could be their guy.


Why? projects him to be a blend of Carlos Boozer and Sean May.  Both highly efficient scorers and solid rebounders.  Seems like Williams is trying to shed the Sean May label as quickly as possible as he's given up fast food for the sake of his career. Williams shed the "Freshmen 15" by giving up what he loves most: McDonald's McGriddle Cakes (420-560 calories).


If this is the best food College Park has to offer, Williams will surely enjoy California Cuisine that is both tasty and (somewhat) nutritious by comparison. And after averaging 17 points and 12 boards last season, Williams may have a lot to offer the Warriors, too.