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Amgen Tour Of California 2011: Live Online Streaming, Versus TV Schedule & Announcers For Final Stage

The 2011 Amgen Tour of California reaches its conclusion today as the cyclists make their way from Santa Clarita to Thousand Oaks in Southern California. If you haven't had a chance to watch the race thus far, Sunday is as good a day as any given that we'll get our race winner. And given how things stand, if we're lucky we'll get some drama from Team Radio Shack in the closing miles. If we do, you'll be able to watch the race on television through VERSUS, or via live online stream at the race website.

Chris Horner has a solid lead over most of the field, but his lead over teammate Levi Leipheimer is only :38 seconds. I don't follow cycling enough to know for sure, but if Horner and Leipheimer are in a position to clearly finish first and second overall, does Leipheimer make a run for the race victory? Or does Leipheimer play the role of the good teammate just in case Tim Danielson tries to make a monster run? It seems like Horner is destined for victory, but crazy things can always happen.

If you want to watch the final stage of the 2011 Tour of California, head over to VERSUS or check out the Tour site's live online stream feature. Stage 8 kicks off at 12:00pm pacific and is expected to wrap up between 3:21 and 3:43pm. If you aren't able to view the footage of the race, we'll have plenty of coverage in our Tour of California story stream, while Podium Cafe will continue providing in-depth discussion about the race.