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Dan Dibley Leaves KNBR For 95.7 FM, Shaking Up Bay Area Sports Talk Radio

Dan Dibley, a longtime producer and personality for KNBR, announced Friday he's left the radio station to take a job with upstart sports talk channel 95.7 FM. Dibley worked as the executive producer for KNBR's morning show hosted by Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffery and was a big part of The Gary Radnich Show.


95.7 FM launched in April to provide the Bay Area with its only FM sports talk outlet; it's big draws are San Jose Sharks hockey and Oakland A's telecasts. Shows include The Monty Show, hosted by NorCal vet Tim Montemayor, and the Rob, Arnie and Sports Show, a spin-off from the Sacramento-based Rob, Arnies and Dawn Show, a standard FM morning show.


No word on just what Dibley will be doing for 95.7 just yet or who'll replace him at the helm of Murph and Mac. But Dibs' arrival at 95.7 is a pretty good indicator that the station means business.