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Thunder vs. Mavs Video: Kevin Durant Posterizes Brendan Haywood

The knock on Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is he's apparently not athletic enough. He doesn't have the strength or ability to make the finishing moves necessary to win a championship. Without that, Durant is having to force tougher shots, gets bodied away from position, and struggles to finish off plays.

Thankfully, bad Dallas Mavericks defense proves that Durant can do quite a bit close up in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. First, Peja Stojakovic let Durant blow past him on his way to the basket, leaving his center Brendan Haywood out to dry on the blow by. Durant was happy to take advantage of the situation and exploit it to the best of his abilities.

Kevin Durant Poster Dunk On Brendan Haywood 5/19/2011 (via nbafufu)

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