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Playboy Ranks Top 23 Nike Air Jordans Of All Time

Is it the shoes or "is it the big boobs" asks Playboy playmate Francesca Frigo. Talk about a cross-pollination of brands! On May 31, 2011, Playboy will offer its ranking of what they believe to be the top 23 Nike Air Jordans of all time, a project they call "Sole Mates." Why Playboy feels it necessary to evaluate Jordan's shoe legacy makes no sense to me. To promote "Sole Mates," Playboy created a short video promo starring Miss August 2010 playmate Frigo as Mars Blackmon. They put a seductive spin on a Nike classic and you wonder what Spike Lee's reaction would be to their reinvention of his creative talents. Frigo looks like "Jenny From The Block" more than Jordan's annoyingly charming sidekick. What do you think of Playboy's remix? Click on and judge for yourself!

Michael Jordan Spike Lee Nike (via Crotchrot)

And now for Playboy's version:

It's the Shoes - Playmate Francesca Frigo is Mars Blackmon (via playboy)