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Ekpe Udoh Wants To Watch A Movie With You

Ever since watching Ekpe Udoh celebrating his new gainful employment on a luxury yacht last summer, I knew he was upgrading the Warriors swag (a huge void left by the departure of We Believe 06-07). Well, it is Udoh’s birthday tomorrow and he’s looking for one special person to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides with him and some friends at the midnight showing. To be that special person to share popcorn, drink, and candy with Ekpe Udoh, you must send him a 30 second video wishing him a happy birthday AND explaining why you should be the one chosen. Click HERE to see Ekpe Udoh introduce the challenge in a little more detail.


So what will it take to be Udoh’s birthday buddy? How about going seductive and sultry like Marilyn Monroe when she sang to President John F. Kennedy? Or maybe the Simpsons episode when the Michael Jackson impersonator re-interprets the happy birthday tune for Lisa Simpson?