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Stephen Curry Makes a Mini-Movie For Start-Up Company

Athletes are businesspeople and they got to diversify their revenue streams.  Michael Jordan successfully branded himself with his iconic bald head, clothing lines, and of course, "the shoes." Looks like young Stephen Curry is doing the same thing. With a Nike sponsorship under his belt, Curry is helping his friend and former college basketball teammate with a new start-up company Aminzini. A while back, Curry posted on his Twitter account that he needed some aspiring actors to be in a short film and turns out that this short film was a promo for Aminzini.  What is Aminzini and what exactly is Curry doing for them?  Click on to find out to see Curry in a starring role off the court.

From their company website, Aminzini is a site that collects information on all existing social networking sites to help you find the social networking sites that suit exactly what you need: friends, business, music, etc.  

Amzini makes it simple to find the community for you. We understand the social landscape and realize that defining 'a great social network' is highly dependent on your unique needs and interests. Amzini has developed a diverse set of navigation tools specialized for this unique climate. Our services allow you to quickly discover and compare options based on the criteria that matter to you.

Still confused? Let Stephen Curry explain it to you...besides, that's what us Warriors fan want to see most anyway, right? With these acting skills, can we expect to see Curry revise Jordan's role in a possible sequel to Space Jam?

Amzini Video Contest Intro (featuring Stephen Curry) (via amzinivideos)