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2011 Tour Of California: Live Online Stream And TV Schedule Update

The 2011 Amgen Tour of California looks to finally get under way on Monday with Stage Two kicking off in Squaw Valley and taking the racers to the State Capitol building in Sacramento. We mentioned on Sunday that if you could not make it out to any of the stages, Amgen and Versus would be providing some excellent coverage of the race. We just want to reiterate that with the necessary information on live online streaming options and the Versus television schedule.

Versus will be providing coverage each day, including Monday's Stage Two route. However, their coverage won't start at 2:00pm pacific time. The stage is scheduled to start at 10:15am pacific, with the winner expected across the finish line sometime between approximately 3:27pm and 3:53pm. That means Versus will be missing out on over three hours of racing.

Thankfully, if you head over to the Tour of California website, the race organizers are providing a live online stream to watch each stage of the race. Before the race gets going they provide their preview video of the stage. However, once the stage begins, you can go to an Interbike camera. It's not a huge stream, but for cycling junkies it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the race before Versus picks up coverage.