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Bay To Breakers 2011: A Look Back At 2010 Race Results And Course Records

While the Bay To Breakers 12K race has often been known more for costumes, nudity and alcohol, the race itself includes a host of world-class long distance runners. The front-runners include Olympic medalists and Boston and NYC Marathon champions. Additionally, the 55,000 registrants will include a host of amateur runners that simply are looking to best their own 12K times. Although there might be more prestigious races, setting a personal best at Bay To Breakers should carry a certain cache given the chaos through which people are battling.

Last year's race was won by Sammy Kitwara with a time of 34:15. That was just shy of his 2009 course record time of 33:31. Kitwara actually won by the closest of margins as Peter Kirui is also listed with a time of 34:15. Lineth Chepkurui was the first woman to finish at 38:07, which is the course record for women. Among the notable finishes, Scotty Bauhs was the top American man at 35:55 and Magdalena Lewy-Boulet was the top American woman at 41:40. Lewy-Boulet is from Oakland and was thus also the top Bay Area woman. Richie Boulet was the top Bay Area male at 39:08.

Here is a rundown of some course records over the years:

Men's record: 33:31
Sammy Kitwara (Kenya), 2009

Women's record: 38:07
Lineth Chepkurui (Kenya), 2010

Fastest Men's Centipede time: 37:39
Reebok Aggies, 1990

Fastest Women's Centipede time:47:36
Reebok Aggies, 1990

Largest Bay to Breakers: 78,769 runners registered, 110,000 total, 1986

Smallest Bay to Breakers: 25 runners registered, 1963

Ages of youngest and oldest participants:
Robert Rosen, age 1, 2000
Stefan Arcelona, age 99, 2000