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Rajon Rondo Elbow Injury Would Have Kept Him Out Six-Eight Weeks If It Occured In Regular Season

No one is likely to question the heart of Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics anymore after his heroic performance coming back from that horrific elbow injury. However, now that the Celtics have been eliminated in five games by the Miami Heat, there will be plenty of questions about his mind. Was it a wise decision? Did he further damage the arm through subsequent contact with opposing defenders?

Mike Gorman of CSN New England reported after the game that he’d heard from sources inside the Celtics that Rondo’s injury was very serious, and could have kept him out as much as two months if he had decided to shut it down for the season. That Rondo decided to keep on chugging is a pretty impressive testament of character, even though his effectiveness considerably declined playing with one arm.

I guess it’s a small price to pay for immortality in the New England sports world.

What do you think of Rondo deciding to play with a serious elbow injury like that? Obviously a gutsy move, but was it a smart decision?

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