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Bay To Breakers 2011: BART, MUNI Expanded Sunday Service Schedule

As a previous participant in Bay to Breakers, one of the the biggest anticipated headaches has been getting back downtown from Golden Gate Park. Thankfully there are numerous transportation options instituted for the entire day. San Francisco MUNI runs expanded service, Bauer's Luxury Shuttle Service is employed as the official transportation provider, and BART even provides expanded service (PDF).

For those that will be using public transportation following the race, it is important to note that MUNI fast passes and Clipper Cards will not be valid for the bus service. There is a special event sticker that is required for the event that involves a higher fare than normal. Adults will pay $10, seniors, youths and disabled pay $9, and all individuals with a valid Muni pass, Passport or pass equivalent will pay $7. If you haven't purchased the special event sticker yet, they will be available in the Polo Grounds following the race.

BART will be operating an expanded service beginning at 5am. Sunday service normally begins around 8am, but with the race starting at 7am, the expanded service is necessary. BART stations will open apprxoimately 20 minutes before the departure of the first trains to allow plenty of time for passengers to buy tickets. Trains running before 8 am will run at 20-minute intervals.

For those looking for other services, the major Bay Area transit options will have a variety of special services:


Golden Gate Ferry

Vallejo Ferry

Alameda Oakland Ferry

There will also be a special parking rate at the Embarcadero Center. AMPCO System Parking will offer a special $10 rate for registered runners. You simply need to show your race bib when you pay for parking. The four available lots for this deal are 1EC, 2EC, 3EC, and 4EC on the map below: