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Dwyane Wade Defense On Ray Allen Big Part Of 3-1 Miami Heat Lead

The Miami Heat are thriving thanks mainly to their commitment to the defensive end of the floor, the side of the basketball where they’ve hovered near the top for most of this year. Nowhere is that commitment more steadfast and certain with Dwyane Wade shutting down Ray Allen offensively the last three games. D-Wade’s ability to chase Allen all over the court has severely hampered Boston’s offense

After an efficient Game 1 where Allen flicked his wrists and poured in 25 points on 13 shots, five of them three point makes, the sharpshooter has been held to a very limited 11 of 30 shooting from the field, his best performance coming in Game 4, managing a limited 5 of 12.

The most decisive stat has to be the screen game. Allen usually curls himself around a multitude of big men who check his man, then gets free and takes a wide open shot. That did not happen a lot the past few games. Wade stuck to Allen like glue. According to MySynergySports, Allen has attempted only 10 shots off of screens and made three of them, and only six in the last three games (none in Game 2!).

If Boston is to reverse their chances of winning in this series, Allen has to get freed and get better looks at the basket. Got Kendrick Perkins anyone?

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