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2011 NBA Playoffs Video: Kobe Bryant Left-Handed Dunk Over Carl Landry

So, Kobe Bryant didn't seem to be having any trouble dunking on big men and creating more posters for aspiring hoopsters to plaster on their walls. Why not continue the trend in the second half? First it was  Emeka Okafor on a nasty drive and finish, now Carl Landry is on the brunt end.

Kobe Bryant dunks left-handed over Carl Landry -- Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets Game 5 (via nbavideosnow)

Funny thing is that Trevor Ariza is probably more to blame for playing Bryant too close up and letting him drive past him on both occasions. Ariza has been great offensively, but these defensive gaffes might have just as much of a negative impact as they've helped get Kobe and the Lakers going offensively.

The Lakers have started to pull ahead in the third quarter over the Hornets. Will the lead hold and will LA manage to take the critical 3-2 series lead?

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