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The San Francisco 49ers 2011 Schedule To Be Released This Week

Although the NFL and NFL Players Association (or Trade Association as it were) are locked in a fairly bitter labor dispute, the league is still trying to operate as thought the 2011 NFL Season will be going off as expected. As part of that, the league has been making its normal scheduling announcements. This began with the 2011 NFL preseason schedule and moves on to the regular season schedule release.

At 4:00pm pacific on Tuesday April 19, the NFL is set to announce the 2011 regular season schedule. The schedule will be announced on the NFL Network and will also be released on At that point we'll find out the specific dates on the San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFL schedule as they look to make a strong start in the Jim Harbaugh era. They don't have an easy schedule, but there are plenty of opportunities for wins on their 2011 slate of games.

The 49ers 2011 schedule of opponents includes:

Home: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Away: Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions