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VIDEO: Surreal Derrick Rose Block & 360 Layup Sequence Against Pacers

I don't really have a stake in who should or will be the MVP. It's an award that's poorly defined in a sport where quantifying value is sketchy at best. So if you want to ask me if Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls deserves the award, you might as well ask me how to solve the financial crisis. Don't know, probably won't know anytime soon.

That being said, it's hard to really think of anyone in this league who can recover from getting screened and trailing one of the fastest point guards in the league in Darren Collison, block the layup milliseconds before it hits the backboard (when it would've been a goaltend), take the ball back the other way at full speed, make at least one full spin through three Pacer defenders in the paint (Tyler Hansbrough, Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush), and finish the basket.

(via rockeruttzu)

And that wasn't even the most remarkable moment of his 38 point performance in the narrow Game 1 victory over the Indiana Pacers. Check out the video of the sequence that won the game over in our recap post.