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Dwyane Wade Crazy Clutch Jumper Was An Offensive Foul, Lifts Miami Heat Over Philadelphia 76ers

It's the playoffs, which means it's time to gripe about NBA officiating again.

The Miami Heat had just seen their huge second half lead cut to a one possession game by the hard-working and energetic Philadelphia 76ers. So naturally, we know what's coming next. Dwyane Wade gets the ball in his hands at the top of the circle, gets a pick, and drives to the basket. Here's what results.

(via nbavideosnow)

Patently ridiculous shot by Wade. But definitely an offensive foul that was not called.

As Jeff Van Gundy points out, Wade kicks Thaddeus Young away from him with his right leg. As he has done so often in this past, this is a case of D-Wade initiating contact to get more space for an open jumper and getting the benefit of the doubt from the officials. It might have made a huge difference in the final 97-89 outcome to give his Heat a 1-0 series lead in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

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