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San Jose Earthquakes News: New Training Facility Opens April 30th, New Stadium Project Begins

The San Jose Earthquakes have announced that their new training grounds, the Nutrilite Training Facility, will be officially open for business on April 30th. Earthquakes staff, city council members and local luminaries will be in attendance for the grand opening for the $ 1 million project, effectively moving the team's practices from West Valley College to their own brand new location.

The team is still in the process of moving their games from Buck Shaw Stadium on the campus of Santa Clara University to their new stadium being built right next to the practice facility. The fields currently sit amongst a number of industrial buildings and warehouses, but yesterday demolition crews all but removed the structures that inhabited the Quakes new stadium location, and will hopefully look to get started at breaking ground on it ASAP. 

The Quakes celebrated their official 'demolition day' on March 3rd, with the goal of having all of the structures removed by the middle of April. A bit of some old brick buildings still remain for now, but will likely be gone sooner than later. Here is a link to some of the before and after photos of the proposed site, and can almost picture the stadium sitting there if you squint a little and use your imagination. Looks like a perfect spot for the Quakes to call a home.