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San Jose Sharks NHL Playoffs: Taking On Los Angeles Kings First, Schedule Releases Tonight

A 6-0 win over the Dallas Stars gave them a playoff berth. Beating the Los Angeles Kings 6-1 gave them their sixth Pacific Division crown. Then, beating the Phoenix Coyotes 3-1 gave them the second seed in the Western Conference to end their 2010-2011 regular season. Now, the San Jose Sharks are entering the 2011 NHL Playoffs with their sights set on handing the Kings a couple more of those 6-1 beatdowns. Check out the previous story stream for more on how the Sharks got to this point with their last stretch of games.

We took a look at which teams would be preferable to face in the first round earlier on Sunday morning, as the Sharks could have ended up playing one of four teams (Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles or Phoenix) depending on who won and how between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. Basically, either team winning in regulation would have been the preferable result, and that's what we got, as the Red Wings got the 4-3 win in regulation.

Los Angeles is locked into the seventh seed, and that means they'll face the Sharks no matter what. The last bit of action is going on as this stream is being prepared, as the Dallas Stars take on the Minnesota Wild. If the Stars win their game in regulation, the defending champion Blackhawks could miss the playoffs. While deliciously tasteful for those who love borderline irony, it might be a better scenario is the Stars lose so the number one seeded Vancouver Canucks can have a harder time against what many believe to be a better team in Chicago.

The playoff schedule will be released at 7:00 p.m. pacific and we'll have coverage of that, and this stream will take us through the series against the Los Angeles Kings with previews and recaps of each game on top of any and all commentary related to the Sharks 2010-2011 NHL Playoff race.